Our Products, L-Arginine Plus and Zeolite AV

We source and supply the best supplements available. Both l-arginine plus and zeolite av are now available in the UK.

10300785_650575791736893_6584190138057723226_n (2)L-Arginine Plus™ is an amino acid and vitamin food supplement. Taken daily along with a healthy diet it helps it boosts our bodies ability to produce nitric oxide which is essential for life. L-Arginine Plus is also benefecial to both our heart and cardiovascular system. Each container provides a full 30 day supply.

First discovered in 1998, doctors Louis J. Ignarro, Ferid Murad, and Robert F. Furchgott won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the function of Nitric Oxide. In the words of Dr Ignarro; “Nitric Oxide relaxes and enlarges the blood vessels, prevents blood clots that trigger strokes and heart attacks, and regulates blood pressure and the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels.”

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Zeolite-AVZEOLITE-AV combines two of the most powerful natural ingredients to protect and naturally remove toxins from our bodies. Zeolite, the health benefits of which are documented is combined with Humic Acid. This is a natural substance that slows the growth of infectious agents. Together they work to optimize body function by detoxifying the system, balancing the acidity levels and increasing the immunity defense capabilities.

Both Zeolite and Humic Acid are safe and have been proven effective in multiple scientific studies. People take this natural supplement to help boost immunity health and to protect against infectious agents.

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